NEW DELHI(Team Filtered): Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has generated a lot of interest since her debut in active politics. Like any other politician, she has also received a fair share of praises and criticism. More recently a picture of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra wearing a cross is going viral on Facebook.

One of the captions, written in Hindi, reads, “There is a cross in place of mangal sutra in the neck of janaudhari dattatreya Brahmin’s ( Rahul Gandhi) janaudhari sister, and she (Priyanka) claims to be the daughter of Ganga”. The post also calls the Gandhi family “number one fake family”.

जनेऊधारी दत्तात्रेय ब्राह्मण की जनेऊधारी बहन के गले मे मंगलसूत्र की जगह क्रॉस लटका हुआ है, और बोलती है मे गंगा की बेटी हूं, एक नम्बर की फर्जी चोरी करके बेल पे रहने वाली फैमिली!

The picture is posted by a Facebook page, “Modi Government”, and has been shared multiple times on various social media platforms since then .

On conducting a reverse image search, ThefilteredNews found that
the image of a cross has been changed on the pendant Gandhi Vadra was wearing at the rally.
The image was captured by Sanjay Kanojia for Getty Images.

This image was shared by people on social media 

Further in our investigation we got a news of ‘The Statesman’ on the first page of our search in which this photo was used. The viral photo and the photo used in ‘The Statesman’ story are similar except for the locket. In the photo of ‘The Statesman’, Priyanka Gandhi is wearing a white-colored leaf shaped locket. It is clear that this photo is real since it is the original photo. This news was filed on January 24, 2019 and the photo was credited to news agency AFP.

In our investigation we found that the photo being shared is photoshopped. Priyanka Gandhi was wearing a leaf shaped pendent in her neck, not a cross.

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