New Delhi (Team filtered): A collage photograph’s claiming that Congress has only one mourned woman as a Dukhiyaari. This collage photograph went viral claiming that ” ये अम्मा कांग्रेस की रजिस्टर्ड दुखियारी है।“. Whereas all the three images were shooted in a different place and Time.


The first image is taken on April 2019, where MP Shashi Tharoor embracing an old woman. This Image was posted by the MP himself on their twitter account.

The second image where Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is embracing the woman who looks like the same but the image of Rahul Gandhi was lifted from the Congress leader’s visit to flood-affected areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in 2015.

The third leader is not even a member of the Congress party. He is the general secretary of BJP Kerala, K Surendran. The image was a part of BJP’s campaign in Pathanamthitta, as per numerous tweets.

Woman’s are not same

All women might seem alike because of their old look and white hair.  A closer look, however, reveals apparent distinctions in physical features. The one on the left was photographed with BJP’s K Surendran and the one on the right, with Shashi Tharoor. The elderly woman in the middle is the same woman who could be seen embracing Rahul Gandhi. We have chosen a different photograph of hers from the images tweeted by Congress for ease of distinction.

The woman in the middle is visibly different from the other two.

Another major difference in the same woman is their teeth and hairs. The woman in the left has little more black hairs than the right side woman. Another clear difference is the teeth. While the front teeth of the elderly woman on the left seem blackened, the one on the right has visibly protruding front teeth. The shape of the nose is distinct as well.


The three women aren’t the same. This is Fake.

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