New Delhi(Team filtered): Americas Pop Queen Madonna has recently gone viral chanting ”Hanuman Chalisa”. A few days ago, a Facebook user, who goes by the name Manohar PV, posted a video which showed a woman singing Hanuman Chalisa. Nothing extraordinary about that, right? We bring it up because this man claimed that the woman in the video was none other than Madonna. 
As of now, the video has received over two thousand views and a number of people have shared it as well. The video has received quite a few comments too. 

After reading comments of video we got a clue that the girl in the video is not Madonna. Whereas The woman in the viral video is Uma Devi and not Madonna.  Uma is the lead vocalist in a band called Shanti People and she was singing Hanuman Chalisa.
If you search on YouTube using the name of the band, you’ll find the very same video which had been posted by their official account almost 4 years ago.  The video is titled “Hanuman Jam” on YouTube.
The band’s description reads, “Shanti People is a band that amalgamates eastern and western musical culture, combining authentic Vedic hymns with EDM.”  

Watch the actual video here:

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