NEW DELHI(TEAM Filtered): Many claims went viral on social media that one of India’s largest political party and currently in power Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) Flags were Hurled in Pakistan province Balochistan which is all together is a different country. The post was shared multiple times on various social media handles like Facebook and Twitter with captions that if BJP comes into power people of Balochistan will get freedom from Pakistan. Here is one such post

We cannot share the private handle info because of the privacy reasons

the same video was shared on facebook with the almost same caption. Here is the post.

This post with the caption ” In Pakistan province, Balochistan BJP Flags were hurled and if BJP comes into power Balochistan will get freedom”. This video was shared more than 11000 times on Facebook and got more than 2000 likes with more than 200 comments.


A simple google reverse of these images shows that video is of Anantnag constituency of Jammu and Kashmir. This originated video was first posted on Twitter by Sofi Yosuf a member of Bjp who was going to file for nomination papers for the upcoming general elections in India with his followers. Here is the video which he posted from his verified Twitter handle.


Hence the viral post about BJP flags hurled in Balochistan is fake.

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