Amit Singh

Hello guys as we know nowadays social media is full of fake and fabricated news which is a creation of someone’s mind to achieve their particular goal which can be to tarnish someone’s particular image, a whole company or a particular party and sometimes it can even have dreadful consequences like someone’s death. I have been observing fake news from past 3 years now closely checking various fact-checking websites and numerous fake rumors spreading social media groups, photoshopped images, and fabricated news so I have started this website in order to fight the menace of fake news.

Shivansh Sinha
Co Founder and content writer

Most of the articles on this website has been written by Shivansh. He is a media student who has amazing analytical and writing skills. Our works section of our website has his work on fake news. It deeply talks about fake news, it affects and how to catch fake news. Personally, shivansh is very hardworking. He is single handly managing most of the content of this website. He also has an interest in scriptwriting and short movie direction.