NEW DELHI(Team filtered): Recently a video clip from Madhya Pradesh is rounding on social media. In which a group of madarsa students are chanting Pakistan Zindabad as soon as they stepped out of the school’.

Facebook user Kajal Yadav posted the viral video on Tuesday which has already been shared more than 1,200 times. In the video, a number of school children are heard shouting slogans in the presence of policemen. The caption with this 30-second long video reads, ‘the video is from Anjuman school of Mandsaur where young school kids are chanting Pakistan Zindabad as soon as they stepped out of the school’.

This video is also shared on Twitter.


In our investigation we found an interesting result. Further when we searched on internet with this keyword ‘Pakistan Zindabad in Mandsaur’ and found several news reports related to the same incident. According to news reports, the incident is from Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, where the students of a Madrasa-cum-English medium school had taken to the streets in support of their principal Saabir Sheikh.

But according to the media reports- “Circle SP (CSP-Mandsaur) Narendra Solanki, cleared the truth of the matter – kids were raising Sabir Sahab Zindabad and not Pakistan Zindabad slogans as being circulated over social media platforms. we found several videos by local cable channels where the locals as well as officials have confirmed that the school children were sloganeering Saabir Sahaab Zindaabad. The incident is from July 15, 2019.


Hence we found that group of madarsa students were not chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabaad’ whereas they were supporting their Principal. Viral video of students chanting Pakistan zindabaad is FAKE.

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