Let’s Discuss whats Fake News and Possible Solutions to Fight it

Nowadays our life starts by hearing the tone of our apps notifications. But do you know that some of these notifications are taking the lives of people in the form of fake news? Whenever our friends/relative share us any photograph or article then it becomes difficult not to trust it. At that moment we don’t think for second on forwarding that content to our whats app groups. Thus these notifications go viral and people start reacting on it. But are you sure that whatever is your phupha or kaka or any relative have texted you is credible?. The answer will be;” No, what this 40-50 words containing forward messages can do, it doesn’t consume your time or data and this will also maintain your presence in social media.”

But do you know your this kind of laziness can be a cause for possible deaths in our country? According to a report published in BBC that shows how India is becoming the largest fake news producer in the world. Since after the internet revolution in India this country has 300 million smartphones users and more the 200million of have WhatsApp; making the country the service’s biggest market. Along with this in India, WhatsApp, Facebook-owned encrypted messaging service, is the main carrier of fake news and viral hoaxes. Not only common people even political parties like BJP alone created more than 6600 WhatsApp groups to spread the party’s message.


There are several cases of death’s happened by fake news articles. Recently on 31 May 2017 a mob lynched 7 peoples on fake what’s app message on the other side there was news which gone viral that an army soldier named Tej Bahadur gone viral with this message that he has died but eventually his wife cleared that he is alive later army declared him alive with the photograph of him. Congress leader Kapil Sibal was also defamed by the fake news article which states he is slaughtering the cow. Thus there is a flood of fake news in India.

Here is the main types of fake news:

  • Whats app forwards
  • Photoshops
  • Fake articles

Here we are going to tell you how you can identify these fake articles……

How to spot fake news:

(1)If news is forwarded in text format-

Sometimes a few messages in WhatsApp text or any other texting social service comes and gives us a surprise by hitting our emotion, for example, there was a news in Kannur district where one person and his friends were lynched by the mob in the suspect of baby killing. This is the most famous and easy platform to mislead the people.

So now we will tell you how we can reconcile that this news is credible or not. First of all these news are generally spread to hit our emotions like happiness, Angriness, sadness, excitement e.t.c. The strongest clue to identify the given is fake or real is if that article is strongly supporting any side or strongly contradicting any side than there is 90% chances, this news can be Fake. Here are steps to debunk your text-

1-we should remain aware about most common current affairs. Here one media study says that main reason of fake news viral is because somewhere our audience are illiterate to encode the message of opinion leaders. Here is an important quote to exaggerate this point-

“Common sense is the most uncommon thing in the world which never remain the same rather if you would use this it would most likely guide you right.”

2-Sometimes fake news peddlers become very clever they will give you some misleading information which can easily embrangle your mind. At that moment we should immediately check the source of news if this source is credible than we can rely on it. Some messages contains links of the webpages this page consist of fake websites so you need not to believe in this kind of websites. Most importantly some of these websites are Spoof websites. Those that appear to be genuine like real & authentic websites. Here are some examples of spoof websites….

There are dozens of fake websites in India. Some of them are mention here..


(2) Photoshop edited fake news

Not only text even some pictures are also spreading rumors to defame any reputed personality. Sometimes these images are sent by the opposition company or leaders. Recently this rumor spread out in the market that cancer-causing blood has been mixing in the Pepsi bottles. Where an image was being displayed in which people were putting blood into the Pepsi bottle. Later we found that this image was edited by the photoshop software. Many more cases like this are revealed in India where chukers tried to defame many authentic people or personality.


So now how to deal with this type of content. Here is your solution…

  • Whenever you an inflammatory image. Then here are two authentic websites in which you can share this image and that shoe you the reality of that image-
  • images.google.com
  • ctrlq.org

Here are some 1-line tips whom should always remember while surfing on Internet-

(3) Check your bias

(4) when in doubt google it

(5) Use fact checking websites




www.thefilterednews.com (you can try considering my website too for the recent fake stories and forwards)

(6) Check for other sources

Hope this article would help you to analyze the facts and fake stories.

“Be responsible, don’t  be an accomplice in spreading fake news

Shivansh  Sinha(Editor)